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What makes a website great?

Aesthetics are one major elements in web design. The overall look and feel of the website and having your branding in place. However with websites, its more about your overall website experience, the availability of information where expected and the appropriate segmentations throughout your website. This can be referred to as the user experience (UX).

Other design elements can be leverage to deliver a truly exceptional user experience. Having a mobile responsive design is one solution to better the experience, which simply means, having a website design that adapts according to the viewers screen size.

More advance web design practices includes parallax design along with using depth and 3D images. Another upcoming trend includes the use of animations in web design.

If done right, your website can include advanced design elements while still loading fast and guaranteeing a superior website experience.

Below is a list of top websites featuring some advanced design elements.

1) https://www.borngroup.com/
2) https://lnkd.in/drpbk9AR
3) https://sidigital.co/
4) https://lnkd.in/f8ddQCN
5) https://lnkd.in/drArbsWJ


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