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We leverage brand positioning, story telling and digital technologies to create great experiences for your customers and compelling whole solutions for your business.

How can we help you?

We specialize in web design and web development services and offer compelling solutions for your business, which includes Websites, Mobile Apps, Web Based Business Apps, Creative Services and more. With years of experience working with several clients in several industries, our solutions are tailored to your needs. 


We're experts in web design and we understand the roles played by a website as the brand's "Digital Foundation". Our websites don't only look good, they also perform and delivery exceptional customer experiences.


Your brand is everything, including your customers. We help you brand and re-brand your businesses starting with the very basic essentials such as your logo, logo concepts, visual brand elements to more advanced brand management strategies that create superior brand equity.

Hosting, Domains & Email

We offer a range of scaleable hosting solutions to ensure your website loads quickly, stays visible and can be recovered if required. Our consultants will help you device the appropriate domain names, domain structures and ensure delivery of your business emails and avoid emails ending up in spam folders.

Content & Creative

Content is King and place extra emphasis on the context of everything. Content and creative are the lifeblood of any project which communicates your brand offering. Primarily we segment the target audience into personas and distribute relevant content where expected.

Business Applications

We provide off-the-shelf bests-poke web based applications accessible from any device. Our wide range of offers covers all businesses units. Furthermore, we can create apps from the ground up tailored to any specific needs.

Digital Strategies

We carefully conduct situational analysis to define your brand marketing objectives, tactics and smart goals. Furthermore, carefully crafting your personalized performance measurement dashboards through appropriate KPI's and measurement metrics.

About DBS

As the digital economy continues to grow rapidly, digital is now part of today’s successful companies. While organizations are aware of the need to adopt and harness digital technologies, many are struggling to begin or progress along their transformation journey. Organizations today face several problems, from utilizing multiple systems which lack integration, to complicated user interface, broken and disconnected communications, and massive un-utilized data sets.

Digital Business Solutions (DBS) is strategically placed to help you build digital capabilities by working with organizational bodies and help them understand the impact of and opportunities within today’s digital societies.

We help bridge the gaps.

Our Works

We provide complete solutions, ranging from the Design & Development to Management, Maintenance & Optimization. Every business is unique therefore we provide personalized/tailored solutions to meet your organization’s requirement.

Our Customers

What our customers are saying

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

A one stop shop for all your needs. DBS really covered all our needs and helped us understand all the relevant elements to be considered.
Hani Shakir
General Manager, Monroe Beauty Supplier